The DATEready Project Is The Roadmap To

Your Perfect Relationship



Sure, there are few things out of our control in the dating game.

But one thing that lies completely in our hands is our attitude and approach to both who we are and how we date.

No matter who you are, what you do, or what's happened in the past, YOU have the power to create the future life you want.

  • Stop attracting the WRONG people and repelling the right ones
  • Stop losing count of the number of BAD DATE stories you have
  • Stop being FRUSTRATED and DISAPPOINTED in dates who are nothing like their online profiles
  • Stop feeling EXHAUSTED by the constant dating merry-go-round and throwing the towel in every few months
  • Stop feeling LONELY, under confident and ANXIOUS that you’ll never meet your ideal, perfect partner
  • STOP feeling like a dating FAILURE and single life roadkill!

Say hello to a new way of dating so you can:

  • ENJOY the dating process and effortlessly put yourself out there
  • Feel CONFIDENT meeting new people and sharing your story
  • Filter out any unsuitable dates without a SECOND THOUGHT
  • Meet QUALITY DATES who tick the right boxes
  • Feel INSPIRED and EXCITED by the knowledge that your next, perfect partner is right around the corner

DATE smarrter WITH


Let’s consider your career.

Has it evolved entirely by itself through sheer

luck without you doing anything or applying yourself?

Absolutely not!

You’ve never sat around hoping and expecting that your

dream job will fall at your feet, so why expect this of a relationship?


It’s about applying the smarts you’ve gained and used for success in other areas of your life, to your dating life. You already have the skills you need to meet the right partner and create a great relationship; a relationship that gives you everything you want and need.

Across four core modules, The DATEready Project will help you take the learnings from other areas of your life and apply them to your love life.


do for you?

+ Be empowered to step away from any pre-conceived beliefs about dating and relationships

+ Develop the right mindset to attract, engage and delight your ideal partner

+   Harness your confidence to make the right decision about ‘to date or not to date’

+ Get absolute clarity about who and what you want in your next relationship

+   Develop your Dating Brand and tell your story with ease

+   Acquire the tools you need to strategically, intentionally and consciously step into your ideal, perfect relationship

Sounds Appealing ... Doesn't It ...?


right for you?

Does this sound familiar?

+   You’ve decided it should be illegal to have as many bad dates as you’ve experienced

+   You’ve fallen victim to singlehood-sympathy one too many times with lines like “don’t worry – you’ll find someone”

+   You are on the edge of breaking up with dating

+   You feel like you’ll be on your own forever

+   You appreciate the power of investing back in you

+   You value what you’ve accomplished in other areas of your life

+ You can’t wait to feel the support, adoration and intimacy of a relationship that’s right for you

IF YOU'RE NODDING TO ANY OF THIS, The DATEready Project is perfect for you.

How does The DATEready Project work?

The DATEready Project has been specially crafted and developed using my 15 years’ of experience as a psychologist, leadership coach and, more specifically, a dating coach.

Using a number of tools, this powerful program draws on science based methodologies like positive psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy to make sure that you not only enjoy the process, but that you get RESULTS.

I’ve also experienced the same frustrations that come with dating.

I completely get it.

So join me in my next 8 week online project.

There’s loads of support and material that you can access week to week and I’m with you every step of the way.


The 8 week online learning project includes the following 4 core modules.


Date Yourself

Our first module is all about YOU. By learning to love and appreciate yourself first, you’ll be in a stronger position to enter into a great relationship. We’ll start by taking stock of all the positive things in your life and practicing gratitude.

LESSONS INCLUDE: + Live your best life. + Play to your strengths. + Surround yourself with positive people.


Personal Dating Brand

Your Dating Brand is made up of the way you present yourself to the world and the way people perceive you. You’ll examine your own brand from the inside and outside, develop a clear brand message that you will be proud to share on dates, and clarify what really belongs on your ‘Ideal Partner List’. This will build your confidence when communicating with potential dates online and interacting on real dates.

LESSONS INCLUDE: + The Inside. + The Outside. + Brand ME. + Ideal Partner.


Dating Sucess Mindset

Next, you’ll take a look inside yourself to explore your own barriers to success. Do you sabotage your dating and relationships? What thinking traps do you fall into? We’ll then take a journey into your dating history and alook forward into your dating future. This will help you gain clarity about what’s worked for and against you in the past, and enable you to build a realistic and congruent vision of what you really want in your next relationship

LESSONS INCLUDE: + Realistic Optimism. + Inner Voice Mastery. + Learn From The Past. + Create Your Future.


Authentic Dating Strategy

It’s time to get practical. You’ll spend some time on your online and offline dating strategies to make sure you’re attracting the ‘right’ people and screening out the ‘wrong’ ones. And finally, you’ll get the chance to practice some advanced communication skills and receive some feedback to help you build fantastic rapport with your potential dates.

LESSONS INCLUDE: + Online Dating Strategy. + Offline Dating Strategy. + Playful Practice # 1. + Playful Practice # 2.

HOW will The

DATEready Project

change your life?  

+ Build your self esteem

+ Upgrade your dating confidence

+ Re-program your brain for dating results

+ Enable you to overcome barriers & let go of the past

+ Crystalise your future relationship

+ Define who you are from the inside-out

+ Learn to tell your story with confidence

+ Get real about your ideal partner

+ Turn inspiration into action and results

+ Build social confidence in a low stakes environment

+ Apply your new knowledge & skills in the real world

And This Means...

You will start living your best life. Remember, you are at your most attractive when you are happy, content and comfortable in your own skin.

You will stop sabotaging your dating success, let go of the past & get over barriers.

Your future dating life will become crystal clear and this will form the foundation for your dating success.

You will develop absolute clarity about who you are, inside and out.

You will then be 100% confident about what you are looking for in a partner.

And this will enable you to effortlessly say YES or NO to dates.

You will step out of your comfort zone.

By practicing in low-stakes situations, you will build confidence and courage.

You will finally realise how

achievable your ideal relationship really is.


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Who AM I To Lead This Project?

Melanie Schilling has a presence as a psychologist in the Australian media and is known for her informative, yet fun and energetic approach. Mel is a registered psychologist and accredited coach with over 15 years' experience in both the corporate and therapeutic arenas. She has worked as a business and personal coach to people at all business levels from graduates to C suite professionals and has operated across the Asia Pacific and Middle Eastern Regions.

Mel now specialises as a dating and relationship coach for professional people. She offers individual coaching, workshops, retreats and online coaching programs. Mel's coaching style incorporates a strong positive psychology philosophy with the practical application of cognitive behavioural therapy. Not only does she offer her professional expertise, but also a strong personal connection to her work.

Having spent her entire 30's as a single woman, Mel met her fiance via online dating (eHarmony) in 2011 and is now a passionate advocate for a proactive, strategic approach to finding love.

In 2013 Mel became the first Australian to become accredited by the International Dating Coaching Association (IDCA) in New York, USA and in 2014, she was appointed the Dating and Relationship Expert for eHarmony Australia. In 2016, she joined the Married At First Sight Expert Team for can be seen on Channel 9 every Monday and Tuesday night.


Her psychological background coupled with an in depth knowledge of the local dating scene and success as a professional Dating Coach make Malanie an enormous asset to our brand as well as her clients. Her passion for helping single women and men be the best versions of themselves and attracting the right partners into their lives is evident through the articles she writes for eHarmony's Advice Site, in media communications and when conducting media interviews on behalf of eHarmony.

imagesMarie Clare Layers

eHarmony Australia

As one of our first Australian coaches, she was eager to learn and serious about implementing IDCA's practices. As a psychologist, it gives her a unique ability to use her training to get right to the heart of the matter and affect change quickly and painlessly. She's intuitive, a tremendously hard worker, driven to help people and is a fantastic brand ambassador for IDCA!

imagesHunt Etheridge

International Dating Coaching Association


I believe so strongly in the quality of this program that I am happy to offer you a 14 day money back guarantee. I've poured almost 2 decades of research, experience, mistakes, learning and insights into The DATEready Project and I am confident that you'll not only enjoy the process, but also achieve sustainable changes in your dating mindset and behaviour ... and ultimately, your results.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the DATEready Project guarantee I'll meet my perfect partner?
No, this is not a match-making program, it’s a personal development program.  By participating in The DATEready program you will build your dating confidence, knowledge and courage and this will increase your chances of attracting and connecting with your ideal, perfect partner.

Can I use The DATEready project instead of therapy?
No.  Although I am a registered psychologist, this program offers general advice only and is not a replacement for therapy.

Why are there no personal testimonials on this page?

Good question!  As a psychologist registered with AHPRA (Psychology Board of Australia) I am not permitted to publish testimonials.  If you have questions about the experience of previous participants, please contact me at and I’ll be happy to share some anecdotes.

When does the DATEready Project start?
As soon as you sign up!  There is no waiting around with DATEready as I know you are ready to go NOW.  You will gain instant access to our secure site with your own unique login details.

How will I know when to complete the next module?

You will receive emails each week to keep you on track and access to a new module every 2nd week.  Each module offers a series of lessons for you to work through at your own pace over the fortnight.

How can I pay?
Credit card or PayPal is the method of processing payments and a payment plan is available if you would prefer to spread the cost. Please note that if you select to pay via payment plan, payments must be kept up to date to continue access in the program. If your automatic payment fails on 3 occasions you will be excluded from the program until the outstanding payment is received.

What if I'm not very experienced with technology?
No worries!  The DATEready Project membership site is very straight-forward and you can always click on the ‘support’ button if you get stuck.

How much time will it take up in my busy life?
I understand that you are busy.  I recommend allocating around 3 hours per week to work on your DATEready activities and projects.  The best way to manage this is to allocate your time at the start of each week so you can prioritise your DATEready tasks just like any other important project.

What if I fall behind?
Don’t worry, you’ll have lifetime access to The DATEready project so you can dip in and out as you need to.  Having said that, I do recommend working through the modules in 8 weeks to ensure you consolidate your learning and get the best results.

Will I get personalised advice?
Yes, if you are eligible for the special bonuses and you attend one of my live DATElab sessions.

What if I still have questions?
You can contact me at and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.


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2 monthly payments of


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