The Two Dating Show-Stoppers That Are Currently Keeping You Single

Have you ever wondered why you are still single?  You know you have so much to offer the right person, but where are they?  Perhaps you keep repeating the same dating pattern or attracting the same person in different clothing.  This video will help you understand where you are currently at and the common mistakes that most people make in their dating lives (that you are probably not even aware of).

Hi, I’m Mel

Melanie Schilling, Psychologist + Dating Coach

AKA The Dating Strategist + Creator of The DATEready Project©

I am here to inspire, educate and motivate you. I teach a Strategic Dating approach and it’s not for the faint-hearted (it’s for the big-hearted). I believe in becoming the best version of yourself before you can be the best partner for someone else. I believe in clarity of purpose, self-awareness and committed action – and I get results.

I am so excited to share this video series with you, after years of practicing and refining my techniques.  I really have poured my knowledge, experience, skills (+ heart) into this series and I hope you will gain some powerful insights as you take this journey with me over the coming week.


Mel x

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